Images of Taarna from Heavy Metal (1981)

Image 1 Flight over the wastelands.
Image 2 Taarna arrives in the Sanctuary.
Image 3 Taarna emerges from the pool.
Image 4 The rotation sequence begins, including photo of model Carol Desbiens.
Image 5 Pencil sketch based on foregoing cel.
Image 6 Taarna begins to dress.
Image 7 The rotation sequence continued, including photo of model Carol Desbiens.
Image 8 Pencil sketch based on foregoing cel.
Image 9 Taarak speaks.
Image 10 A cameo as the Sword appears.
Image 11 Kneeling to draw the Sword.
Image 12 A medallion is recovered (pencil sketch).
Image 13 Searching for the perpetrators.
Image 14 Information is demanded from the bartender.
Image 15 Taarna on the rack.
Image 16 A "choker close-up."
Image 17 The chieftain is defeated.
Image 18 Taarna sacrifices herself to destroy the Loc-Nar.
Image 19 A portrait color pencil sketch based on the animators' model sheets.
Image 20 Painted and airbrushed illustration.
Image 21 Pen and ink sketch.
Image 22 Model sheet: frontal view.
Image 23 Model sheet: three-quarter frontal view.
Image 24 Model sheet: side view.
Image 25 Model sheet: three-quarter rear view.
Image 26 Model sheet: full rear view.
Image 27 Model sheet: full rear view, hands on hips.
Image 28 Model sheet: height comparison.
Image 29 Jacket illustration submitted by "Chaz."

For those interested in purchasing cels from the movie, there are several companies on the web who sell animation art, including artwork from Heavy Metal: